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Budget and Finance Information

On this page you will find financial information for the Aspen School District.  Information to be found here includes annual adopted budgets (done by June 30 each year), annual amended budgets (done by January 31 each year), annual financial statements (done by December 31 each year, and quarterly financial reports.  The information will be updated quarterly.  Should you have questions about any information on this page, please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Kate Fuentes - or at 970.925.3760 x4009.

District and School Priorities with AEF for 2013-14.docx

Please CLICK HERE for information on the "Basics of Colorado School Finance." 

Annual Financial Statements
2013 ASD Financial Statement.pdf
2012 ASD Financial Statement.pdf

2011 ASD Financial Statement.pdf
2010 ASD Financial Statement.pdf
2009 ASD Financial Statement.pdf
2008 ASD Financial Statement.pdf

Annual Budgets
2013-14 Amended Budget.pdf
2012-13 Amended Budget.pdf
2011-12 Amended Budget.pdf
2010-11 Amended Budget.pdf
2009-10 Amended Budget.pdf

Quarterly Financial Statements
Sept 2010.pdf
Dec 2010.pdf
Mar 2011.pdf
June 2011.pdf
Sept 2011.pdf
Dec 2011.pdf
Mar 2012.pdf
June 2012.pdf
Sept 2012.pdf
Dec 2012.pdf
March 2013.pdf
June 2013.pdf
Sept 2013.pdf
Dec 2013.pdf
Mar 2014.pdf

Check Registers and Purchasing Card Statements
2013-14 Accounts Payable Ck Register.xls
2012-13 Accounts Payable Ck Register.xls
2011-12 Accounts Payable Ck Register.xls

Investment Information
Investment information 2013-14.xlsx
Investment information 2012-13.xlsx

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