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 Education for Gifted Students

Ascent Program
The Aspen School District is committed to providing quality education for all students. To better meet the needs of high ability students, the district developed an identification plan that aligns with Colorado Department of Education guidelines. Ascent team leaders assess students using multiple measures to identify strengths and weaknesses; building-level teams then prescribe services based on identified needs of the child each year based on an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).

The philosophy of the Ascent Team is to revisit servcies to ensure that our current faculty adn community resources address the unique needs of each child. Rather than design a static program, we examine student needs and develop services that best suit available staff, resources, and our population. The responsibility for meeting the needs of high achieving students rests with the entire staff. The adaptability of our resources allows the district to concentrate services where needs are greatest.

The following links provide more detailed information about this program: 

Ascent Program

What Can I Do as the Parent?
What Can We Expect?
What Can I Expect as my Child Progresses?

Early Access
Application Letter
Mtn BOCES Procedures
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